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The Art Movement is a new zealand owned company specialising in Art rental


How does it happen?

We have access to a wide range of Art and our focus is on employing these works to transform your business into a vibrant and engaging workplace.

The pieces chosen will be tailored to your workspace. With qualifications in Fine Art and Interior Design, we can simplify the selection process. In consultation with you, we identify the art and artists you like, the art that would suit your space, and the image your company would like its art to project. 

We source potential works for you, then quote on rental and installation.  You can change your art in 3, 6 or 12 months, or keep it longer. If you’ve fallen in love with a piece, and would like to purchase, The Art Movement can organise that for you too. You can rent as few or as many works as you like, and rates start from $60 per month plus GST.


Why art in the workplace?

Carefully chosen and positioned art works will illustrate ownership, identity and a sense of place, to both staff and clients.

Humans have always liked to look at beautiful and thought-provoking images. Since the time of cave drawings there has always been art for art’s sake, art to communicate stories and art for expression.  

But now in the twenty-first century, neuroscientists can tell us that looking at art enhances problem solving skills, decreases stress levels, and sparks creativity.  Who doesn’t want more of that in their workplace?


Why rent?

Many of us admire a local artist whose work is so highly valued that hanging one on a wall at home can only ever be a dream. The Art Movement provides the experience of drinking in the joy of an artwork, day in and day out, at a fraction of the cost to own.

Others of us seek novelty and become quickly bored in familiar surroundings. Renting art through The Art Movement satisfies the craving for variety, provides a changing source for appreciation and critique, and allows businesses to cater for differing preferences internally.


Why The Art Movement?

In addition to the benefits to your working environment, renting from The Art Movement involves your business in directly supporting artists, both established and emerging. Canterbury art and artists particularly, have had a tough time post-earthquake. Galleries, retail, collectors, and the artists themselves were lost to our region. 

Through The Art Movement, you can contribute to strengthening the visual art sector in Canterbury and beyond. Many of the works remain the property of the artist, who agrees to rent the art to you, through us.

The Art Movement is the conduit between you and the artists, and we assume the responsibility for sourcing, insuring, transporting, hanging, removing, and returning the art.

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For more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss, please phone:

Victoria Gibbons   BFA Int. Arch.
Ph 021981973

Gabrielle Herrick BA Int. Des. 
Ph 0212105044

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